Ox Energy advises, develops and provides solutions for renewable energy storage. Hereby, we always analyze the situation and what performance is required. With the objective of long-term storage of energy in order to deliver financial savings and to contribute to a greener and more sustainable world. Due to legislative changes and rising energy prices, demand for energy storage will significantly increase.


Ox Energy will be glad to assist you in the rapidly changing market of storage systems. We also offer a leasing option of our Taurus Storage Systems.



The INNOVATION of today

for tomorrow's world!



Storage of sustainable energy: smart, safe, affordable and compact.



Using sustainable energy requires smart solutions. We develop innovative solutions that are future proof. With the Taurus it is possible to store from 2,4 to 260 kWh of sustainable energy provided by:


  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Water & tidal energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • (Off-grid) Stirling applications (e.g. wood oven, pellet burner, cole burner)



Advantages of the compact Taurus system

The Taurus easily stores energy in an all-in-one, compact system.  One appliance that contains all necessary equipment. Grid-tie battery charger, solar charger, inverter and storage capabilities are all available, instead on four different appliances. The heart of the Taurus contains the patented solar Crystal batteries, PV inverter, the battery and energy management systems and battery inverter.    This guarantees high reliability, safety and ease of use, especially when compared with systems that have lithium batteries that can get overheated, and potentially ignite.


As an all-in-one system, the Taurus guarantees reliability, safety and very user friendly.  Especially when compared to systems that consist of multiple components.  Systems with loose components are limited in that they often have their own customized software, with separate interfaces with embedded software that are not always compatible. With the compact solution of the Taurus, this is structured completely differently.   All components are synchronized to work together seamlessly.  This ensures a 100% use of your installed system and therefore 100% of your investment.



Advantages of the Crystal Batteries

Lithium batteries have a higher energy density, but there is a safety risk.  The heart of the Taurus contains the patented solar Crystal batteries, PV inverter, the battery and energy management systems and battery inverter.    This guarantees high reliability, safety and ease of use, especially when compared with systems that have lithium batteries that can get overheated, potentially ignite and can cause fires that are difficult to extinguish.  This is why lithium batteries are marked as hazardous goods for transport.  From this aspect, the Crystal batteries are completely safe.


Other advantages over lithium batteries are:


  • Sharp pricing
  • Better functionality at high(er) temperatures
  • Longer life span at high(er) temperature
  • The rated capacity indicates the actual capacity of usage.

• Release of up to 100%, (instead of 80%)

• Ease of charging back to full capacity 100%

  • Safe for domestic use with no risk of ignition or extinguish problems
  • No waste, easy recycling instead of high disposal fees

Successful sustainability by combining ease of use with financial savings


The Taurus Enterprise has the most capacity and can be parallel connected to an energy wall (Taurus Wall with 28,8 or 43,2 kWh of stored energy), which can store up to 260 kWh of energy. This capacity makes it suitable for (combined) household as well as commercial uses (including agricultural).



With our integrated programmable Gateway, the Taurus is able to communicate with other suppliers, exchange data and provide and receive commands. You can control the Taurus with your Smartphone.  As it is VHP-ready, the system can be virtually linked to combined heat and power systems






Taurus RES – for when the network fails or financial incentives disappear


Taurus RES is a multi-functional energy system which allows you to determine your independence of the electric network. You can store green energy (from solar or wind power) and use it at your convenience. However, you can also charge up from the conventional network or even a generator.


Apart from the storage of sustainable energy Taurus RES offers you additional options:


  • Peak shaving – allowing the use of stored energy during peak times to reduce your overall energy spend.
  • UPS – protecting you from outages.
  • Independence – you are able to use electricity outside the regular network in off-grid situations.
  • Network stability – Taurus RES allows you to avoid power surges.



The Taurus combines the following features in one compact design:

Charger, adaptor, surge protector, circuit breaker, cables, sun regulator, UPS, Wifi, information displays and crystal batteries.




The Taurus monitors energy usage and production.  This ensures that the Taurus is charging efficiently.  Changing between sun and wind energy from the network happens automatically.





The Taurus substantially contributes to green energy.  Even the Taurus itself is green; it has been constructed from recycled materials and the Crystal batteries are >99% recyclable.  The production of the batteries is according to all ISO certifications.




The Taurus is available in three models and these can be parallel linked. This means storage capacities of 2,4 up to 260 kWh.  A chosen solution can be upgraded and expanded at a later stage too.




Long Life Cycle

The special Crystal batteries can be discharged and charged frequently, up to over 6,000 charge/-discharge cycles (with 20% depth of discharge at 25ºC).




Guaranteed Quality

Taurus offers top quality.  All components have been tested independently as well as in combination.  We offer a five year factory warranty.  Our factories and the production processes are ISO certified.



European Design

The Taurus has been designed and developed in The Netherlands and Germany.  Production is also local, giving additional guarantees regarding quality and fast delivery times, minimizing the CO2 footprint.




Excellent Results

The development of the Taurus brought together over 20 years of energy storage research. The system is technically better, more flexible and safer than any competition.  The Taurus has inverter power of 2 kW to 30 kW single phase and 10 kW to 60 kW 3-phase (systems can be parallel connected for increased capacity).  Virtually all sustainable energy sources can be connected to the Taurus.




100% Safe

The Taurus in 100% safe and meets all international standards such as:  TÜV, CE, SAA, UL, MCS, ROHS and SABS.  Our patented inverter has VDE-, SAA-, EN50438-, G83-, G59- and C10/11-certificates. These are testimony to the fact that the Taurus is completely safe to use indoors.


Resists Extreme Temperatures

The Taurus is able to operate in extreme circumstances.  The system has been tested in a wide range of temperatures, from -40˚C to +65˚C..




A compact, all-in one solution for the storage of sustainable energy



Crystal Technology

In contrast to Li-ion batteries systems, the Taurus uses the patented Lead Crystal technology.  This technology is safer as it does not ignite in the event of a short circuit or thermal runaway.  In addition, it has a lower cost and a life span that can be compared to lithium.  With Lead Crystal a total discharge is possible and fluctuating temperatures have less effect on performance.



Proven Technology

All used components in the Taurus are proven technology’s, although The Taurus has been introduced in 2016. The system has many applications and more are being applied daily.  Would you like to have references of recent projects, please contact us.



On sunny or windy days The Taurus supplies your house with power automatically while charging the batteries. When solar panels or wind turbines generate more capacity than is necessary for usage and charging, the surplus automatically goes to the electric network (if allowed).


With less sunshine the energy any surplus energy goes towards charging the batteries. Should the solar panels not supply sufficient energy; the system will obtain energy from the grid outside peak hours for use during the peak. At night, when there is no solar energy available, the batteries provide the energy. However, The Taurus carefully monitors energy levels and will charge cheaper night power for use the next day as necessary. This is intelligent use of energy!



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